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For Your Eyes Only

I’ve received several inquiries from readers of my new book (muchas gracias, by the way) and on Facebook regarding the lack of a before and after pic for my weight loss, especially the former.  

Hey, I get it.  Nobody wants advice from some naturally scrawny-boned guy masquerading as a champion of weight loss.  I had always planned to put the before/after pics on the back cover of the paperback version, which is coming out very soon.

It wasn’t easy to find a photo of myself in my “chunky” years.  I purposely avoided having my photo taken since I knew I wasn’t in the best shape to be remembered.  Aren’t we all vain to a certain degree?  Nevertheless, I did find a few pictures of evidence.  So without further adieu, let the horror show begin!

Here’s me at my daughter’s 3-year-old birthday:















Here’s one of her drawings of me around the same time:














I still remember asking her who was the person in the drawing, since I wasn’t sure it was me due to the bright colors (and was probably also in denial of being THAT fat).  Her reply was, “It’s YOU, daddy, see that piece of cake you are holding?”  Touche!

At my heaviest, I was squeezing hard into a 34” belt and had to go up to a 36” to get comfortable.  Now I’m a 31” (same as Jerry Seinfeld when he on “Seinfeld”, too bad that’s only thing we share in common).

I’ve lost about 45 lbs since that photo.  Along the way, I discovered that excess fat is stored everywhere on the body, not just around the belly and butt.  One of the most surprising outcomes of slimming down was my fingers getting noticeably thinner, to the point where my wedding ring was becoming way too loose.  I had to get it resized.  Who would have thought the phrase “fat fingers” had a literal meaning as well!

Look, everyone has a different amount of weight to lose to feel good.  My 45 lbs could be your 20 lbs, or 75 lbs on another person.  Weight loss is a very personal journey.  No one size fits all.  Our goals are the same: to be healthy.  The path each of us takes to get there will vary, sometimes greatly.  The right direction should only be judged by the number you see on the scale, for it does not lie.  

If you haven’t started on your journey, but are seriously thinking about it, I strongly encourage you to take the plunge and begin sooner than later.  Take another look at my before photo, surely you don’t want to beat me in a cake eating contest.

If you are in the midst of trying to lose weight but are encountering some headwinds, don’t beat yourself up.  Seek help, try something different, and keep chipping away.  People who have lost significant weight and KEPT IT OFF all share one thing in common:  they changed their habits.  The basic principles of weight loss have always been the same: portion control, good nutrition, rest and exercise.  Find something that’s based on these principles, then mold it to fit you personally.  Don’t fall for the gimmicks and the hype. 

Good luck and good health!

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